Communique for benefit of clients of Cloud Innovation

Legal Dispute between AFRINIC and Cloud Innovation - AFRINIC in Breach of Court Orders and Contempt of Court

Date: 25 December, 2021:

As the year comes to a close, Cloud Innovation would like to, in all transparency, update its privileged clients as regards the legal dispute which arose between AFRINIC and itself. Whilst the legal dispute is still ongoing before the competent courts of Mauritius and Seychelles, Cloud Innovation reassures its clients that its rights and interests as one of the major members of AFRINIC are protected pursuant to a number of Court Orders in order to ensure its stability and continuity of business.

Whilst Cloud Innovation cannot at this stage , disclose the substantive elements of its claim against AFRINIC, suffice to say that AFRINIC, has ever since the start of the legal dispute, acted in a manner to discredit Cloud Innovation , at the expense of repeatedly breaching Judge’s Orders and acting in contempt of court.

As matters stand, Cloud Innovation reassures its clients that it has initiated legal proceedings against such illegal acts and contempt of court by AFRINIC, and these are yet to be determined by the competent courts. Pending such determination, its rights are protected pursuant to injunctive orders. Cloud Innovation therefore strives to provide continuous service to its valued clients.