Demands for CEO Eddy Kayihura’s resignation met with censorship 28 June 2022, Mauritius based AFRINIC has ignored a non-conditional offer from Cloud Innovation to mediate to resolve ongoing litigation in the Mauritian courts.

The issues raised by Cloud Innovation, and other members of AFRINIC, are of global importance and sitting down to discuss the issues can only benefit the world’s internet users. The refusal of AFRINIC’s CEO Eddy Kayihura to even acknowledge an open and transparent offer to mediate in which we believe is reflective of a total failure in leadership, transparency and ethics.

A spokesperson for Cloud Innovation believe:“Eddy Kayihura was given an opportunity to resolve very serious issues via a confidential mediation process. He has turned his back on that offer. We believe this is further evidence of the lack of leadership and good governance at AFRINIC and means that AFRINIC’s much publicised problems are subject to further public scrutiny. He has failed once again to show any leadership or concern for members. Eddy Kayihura must resign.”

The refusal to enter mediation follows claims of racism and hate speech by AFRINIC member Amin Dayekh where numerous examples of hate speech and terrorism support on social media have been exposed. Amin Dayekh and AFRINIC CEO Eddy Kayihura are appear to be close. Despite the evidence of hate speech and support for a prescribed terrorist organisation, Mr Kayihura appear has refused to distance himself from the author of sympathetic statements for prescribed terrorist organisation, Hezbollah. Despite multiple request in AFRINIC member’s mailing list.

The growing mismanagement of AFRINIC has resulted in multiple calls for Eddy Kayihura immediate resignation from the membership. The only action Mr Kayihura has taken in response to these serious questions of his leadership is to censor the comments members place on AFRINIC’s member discussion mailing and indefinitely censor community discuss mailing.

Cloud Innovation believes a new leadership in AFRINIC is desperately needed for the internet governance body to move forward.